Spectre Card

What is the Spectre Card?

The Spectre Card is an invite-only membership program that offers an exclusive yachting experience with scheduled flexibility. Cards are reserved for select guests who have already shared in the Spectre Sea experience and prefer priority access to the fleet.



Membership Benefits

  • Priority access to annual calendar
  • Schedule flexibility with 24 hr cancellation
  • Same Day Bookings
  • Access to Full Charter Fleet
  • Exclusive invitations to VIP events
  • Individualized Cruise Plans and Travel Bookings
  • Concierge- including dining reservations + private travel services No blackout dates

Starting at $250,000



Program Details

  • Membership Annual Initiation Fee- $250,000
  • Full Access to Spectre Sea Fleet
  • Unlimited Annual Bookings / 5 At-A-Time
  • All Harbours Access
  • Full Day Reservations
  • Guest Booking / 1 At-A-Time

To inquire, please contact us:
+1 (954) 600-4966 or email jared@spectresea.com

Terms and Conditions:
  • Additional costs such as fuel surcharge + APA funds may apply
  • Specialty Crew excluded (such as but not limited to Mixologist, E Foil Instruction, Spear Fishing Certified Instructors, etc).
  • No overnight stays onboard.
  • Unlimited Reservations, booking 5 at a time, subject to availability
  • Flexible weather-related cancellation policy
  • Annual Card valid for 12 months.- Available in Hamptons (June-September) – Available in Miami (November-June)
  • Booking is based on first come first serve basis and is subject to availability
  • Max members: 12 + charter primary for each vessel
  • Full Payment due upon Initiation
  • Pickup/delivery range: Miami from Key Biscayne up to Bal Harbour, Hamptons around Shelter Island/Sag Harbor and EHP Included