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The ultimate escapist trip.  Located deep in the Bahamas, the Exuma Islands define exclusive experiences.  With their National Marine Wildlife Parks and crystal like waters, there is something for everyone onboard in the Exumas.  Spearfishing, swimming with the sharks, feeding the pigs, and freediving throughout different grottos are just some of the adrenaline fueled experiences guests will have onboard.  No restaurant? No Problem.  Q-Division yacht services provides top rated chefs to travel onboard and recreate the local dishes, such as fried conch, using ingredients freshly caught straight out of the water.


For those looking for the Bahamas experience, but closer to home, guests travel to the Bahamian island closest to Miami, Bimini.  Here they can experience the local cuisine and socialize at various marinas, while still engaging in the watersports and adventures associated with the islands of Bahamas.  Fishing, snorkeling and shark diving are all a part of the fun-filled trip to Bimini.

Other locations available for charter in the Caribbean are Turks and Caicos, St Barts and Anguilla.

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